Pauline Parikh
UX Designer

Wedding Dress Fantasy

Visual redesign and coding of website homepage (concept project).



As a mock project for General Assembly, I visually redesigned Wedding Dress Fantasy's homepage. Wedding Dress Fantasy is a custom wedding dress company based in New Jersey. They offer a wide range of styles, colors and sizes and unlike other wedding retailers in addition to offering a wide selection of traditional dresses caters specifically to an eclectic mix of both “Modest” bridal wear and “Alternative” bridal wear.

The Challenge

Wedding Dress Fantasy currently experiences a huge site drop-off from the home page. They are aware that the look and feel of the website does not represent the quality and range of their offerings. For 2015 they would like to increase their online business by 20%. They believe this can be done with improved design on their website. 

This project was meant to be strictly visual redesign. A personal challenge for me was not being able to call on any form of research to inform my designs. 


I created a style tile and a mockup of the homepage in Adobe Illustrator. I improved the browse functionality by consolidating items on their current navigation menu and modernized the look of the site while retaining their brand. 

Techniques & Skills

Sketching, Visual Design, Creating Mockups, HTML, CSS

Tools Used

Sketchpad, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sublime, Github


1 week

Sketching and Ideation 

I started the process by looking at other boutique wedding dress websites to get a feel for overall look, style, and what was prioritized on the homepage. I sketched a few versions of what I wanted the homepage of Wedding Dress Fantasy to look like.

Homepage Mockup - First Iteration 

After taking a look at other wedding sites and sketching potential designs, I created the following mockup in Illustrator. I consolidated their current navigation menu and limited the number of choices a customer could make on the homepage. I drew from Barry Schwartz's The Paradox of Choice, and wanted to avoid "choice overload." There are a lot of different options on the current homepage which I felt could be overwhelming for a bride trying to make a decision. While it looked like a wedding dress site, it wasn't quite capturing Wedding Dress Fantasy's overall brand, so I went back to the drawing board. 

Current Homepage

Redesigned Homepage

Homepage Mockup - Second Iteration 

I put myself in the client's position and knew there were elements of the current design that she would want to keep. I also wanted to play off of the elements of fantasy and femininity. I Sipped colors from their current site and used Alice in Wonderland and Disney as inspiration for my second iteration and designed the following: 

Style Tile

Key Takeaways

Staying true to the company's brand was a challenge for me throughout this project. In the beginning, it difficult for me to not infuse the design with my own style while trying to modernize it. After I drew on inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and Disney and reminded myself to highlight adjectives such as "whimsical" and "elegant" throughout the design I was able to better capture the brand of Wedding Dress Fantasy while still simplifying and modernizing the homepage. Finally, not being able to call on research to inform my designs was a challenge for me as well. It was difficult to make assumptions about the end-user and client without having done due diligence but it allowed me to focus on the project from a creative perspective and unleash my inner artist.