Pauline Parikh
UX Designer

Under Armour Record

New feature design for Under Armour Record mobile app (concept project).



Currently, Under Armour's Record mobile app is a social network for athletes and fitness enthusiasts giving users the ability to share workouts, pictures, and motivational messages. My partner, Elizabeth Greenstein, and I were tasked with creating new features to improve the experience for relevant audiences. 

The Challenge

Under Armour is aiming to introduce wearables into their product line in the near future in an effort to engage with millions of consumers who are incentivized to improve their health more proactively. Their wearable device will integrate with Under Armour Record and in order to proactively engage relevant audiences with the current app we needed to consider:

  • Active mindset and desire to improve performance/fitness amongst users
  • Flow for discovering groups to belong to
  • Flow for setting up goals and reminders
  • Flow for integrating other monitoring devices


Elizabeth and I created features for Under Armour Record to appeal to and motivate new audiences of varying fitness levels with customizable goals, workout plans and progress tracking. We conducted a competitive analysis, distributed a survey to form personas, conducted user interviews to discover goals and pain points, created user flows, built wireframes and a clickable prototype using Axure. 

Techniques & Skills

Competitive Analysis, User Research, Survey Creation, User Interviews, Affinity Mapping, Persona Creation, User Flows, Design Studio, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Tools Used

Sketchpad, Typeform, Adobe Photoshop, Axure, Keynote


2 weeks

Competitive Analysis

We conducted a competitive analysis against other popular fitness apps on the market to compare features. There are many fitness apps on the market so we were able to narrow down the apps we wanted to compare Record to based on results from a survey we distributed (see next section). From this analysis, we found that there was a gap/opportunity in the market for customizable programs and reminders/calendar integration. 

User Research

We created a survey and conducted user interviews to uncover motivations, goals, and pain points of using fitness apps. Below are some of the results from our survey which we used to dig in on more specific questions during our user interviews. 

We then wrote down all of the responses from our user interviews and themes began to emerge during affinity mapping. We noticed there were three distinct types of audiences: those that are continuing a fitness program, those that are starting a fitness program and those that have never participated in a fitness program. These three audiences informed our personas. Each of them also had overlapping needs which helped us narrow our feature ideas to come up with a solution that addressed all of their pain points. 

Persona Creation 

We formed our personas based on affinity mapping and wanted to ensure that each persona's behaviors, needs, and pain points were clear so we could address them in their user flow through our prototype. We found that Amy was our primary persona rather than Jake, someone who already uses a wearable and fitness app to stay on track. Through our research, we felt Amy was someone Under Armour needed to focus on as she has tried starting a workout program and tracking it through her app but falls off track frequently. 

User Flows

We created user flows for each persona as we built out our features to ensure we were addressing each of their pain points and needs. The user flows make it clear how both personas would use the same feature for each of their individual fitness goals. 

Ideation & Sketching

Elizabeth and I separately sketched screens based on Amy and Jake's user flows then conducted a design studio to consolidate designs and form specific features on each screen of the app. 



Jake's flow through Under Armour Record

Amy's flow through Under Armour Record


Usability Testing

We conducted several usability tests by giving participants certain goals to reach and revised our wireframes based on the following key findings:

  • List of "Marathons Near You" -  We received feedback to add a list of "Marathons Near You" option instead of only entering a goal date. In this way, the goal was more tangible or "real" and users can learn about marathons near them they did not previously know about. 
  • Simplifying reminder set up - It was unclear to participants how to add reminders so we added a plus sign and the word "Create" to the reminder set up screen. 
  • Connecting devices - The screen to add devices was buried somewhat deep in Settings so we lessened the number of taps to get to the screen. 

Next Steps

  • Lifestyle feature - In the next iteration, we'd like to focus on a lifestyle feature which would center around behavior change and addresses around our third persona, Sarah. We discovered her later in the process as someone who is trying to make a major life change and needs small, incremental steps to achieve her goal. 
  • Access calendar from Under Armour Record app - During our usability tests, we received feedback that it would be convenient to add your customized schedule to your own calendar. 
  • Nutrition Log & Meal Plan - Integrating a nutrition log to keep track of food intake and a meal plan tailored to the customer's fitness goals.
  • Fitness challenges with friends - Adding gamification in the form of challenging friends to a fitness activity would further help change behavior and lead the customer to their fitness goals.
  • Find local fitness opportunities - The ability to find nearby races or gyms would help bring a convenience and "no excuses" factor to the customer as this was an issue we uncovered during our user interviews. 
  • Weather integration - For those who like to workout outdoors, a weather feature would help customers plan their workouts accordingly.