Pauline Parikh
UX Designer

Investment Banking Firm

Responsive redesign of a Private Wealth Management application.



We worked with an investment banking firm to redesign a Private Wealth Management (PWM) app for its clients. We found that users were not exploring the current application beyond the home screen/dashboard. We set out to create an engaging and useful experience that allowed users to complete traditional investment management tasks (viewing balances, allocations, changes) as well as other benefits that the firm provided: insights/news relevant to their current investments, contacting advisors and file storage. I joined halfway through the completion of this project and designed the Insights section which allowed users to view news related to their investments and the Performance section which allowed users to see performance of their accounts over time. 

Tools Used

Axure, Illustrator, Photoshop

Techniques and Skills

Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, Information Architecture, Client Management, Design Standardization (Annotations, Pattern Library). 

Information Architecture

During the redesign of this application, I created and maintained an application map so our clients could understand the relationship between all of the sections of the app as we were presenting them with designs: 

Insights Section

I designed wireframes for an Insights section will allowed PWM clients to view published news and insights created by the Investment Banking Firm's analysis team. The content is curated to reflect news relevant to investments held by the client. 

See interactive wireframes here:

Insights Category Landing Page Wireframe

Insights Category Landing Page Color Composite

Insights Article wireframe

Insights Article Color Composite

Insights Article mobile wireframe and color composite

Performance Section 

I designed wireframes for a Performance section that clients could use as a quick reference to see how their accounts are performing. It was important to include a visualization as a quick reference as well as a tabular format to see specific values.

See interactive wireframes here:

These are some of my initial sketches that I presented to the client:

Desktop and mobile wireframes alongside color composites: 

Performance section landing page wireframe

Performance section landing page color composite

Mobile wireframe and color composite of Performance landing page