Pauline Parikh
UX Designer


Redesign of AARP's Caregiving section and Staying Sharp brain health assessment results pages.



AARP wanted to redesign the navigation, browsing, and UI experience in their Caregiving section. I was presented with user research conducted by another firm that facilitated a focus group to better understand caregivers' needs and their thoughts on the current experience. 

In general, caregivers wanted a curated experience to only consume content that is specific to the information they are seeking. The current Caregiving section seemed to be "information overload" for caregivers in that there were too many unrelated articles which made searching for a specific type of information hard to find. It was also important to consider the mindset of caregivers when they visited this section. Most caregivers are in a stressful situation and are not coming to the site to browse. Rather, they are seeking specific types of information to help educate them on a particular aspect of caregiving.  Based on this research, I created a flow and sitemap based on each type of caregiver (user) that visits the site to obtain relevant and important information to them. 

Based on the research insights, flow, and sitemap I designed a landing page for each type of user to reflect each users' goals in visiting the site:

Staying Sharp - Brain Health Assessment Score

AARP has created a Brain Health Assessment for members to take to evaluate their brain health against multiple categories. AARP suggests activities and tools for members to improve or maintain their brain health based on their score. I was tasked with redesigning the UI for the assessment results. The most important factors to consider were: overall score for each section and how to improve the score (recommended activities) if the user fell below an "ideal" score in a particular category. Wireframes are below: